Emerald Acres

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Two score
and seventeen years ago,
our mother and father brought forth
upon this countryside a new idea,
dedicated to the proposition
that all men and women
enjoy wonderful retirement living,
surround themselves in simple pleasures,
let others cook and clean for them,
and live the life of Riley! 


Now that you are retired,
you can REALLY start to live!
Imagine ---
a FULLTIME bed & breakfast lifestyle....
In a beautiful countryside estate-like home!
45 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh
 in the lush foothills of West Virginia!
Peaceful and unique on 80 acres...
tranquil pond for fishing or paddleboating,
scenic woods with walking trails & wildlife...
 and so many more amenities!
Recreation and relaxation... 
It is so simply singular--
there's nothing like it!

Truly, there's no place like home!

Emerald Acres Retirement Resort

August 16, 2020
Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!
(in Heaven celebrating their anniversary on this day)
....no better date for...  the "unveiling"
Over ten years in the planning...
Then 2020 brought social distancing changes...

has come full circle,
and the secret is out today!   


With Mom & Dad's Divine Intervention, we will see their dream become a reality!

Check back in the Summer of 2021 for an update!

(and wish us good luck!)